Child’s Dream-True Experiences: Part 2

dreams 2

In my article which I posted in Child’s Dream-True Experiences: Part 1.  I emphasized  on the need of Different Dora games for the Kids in particular girls.

After Term Begins Dora Haircuts

I tried to made it clear that kids only tends to adopt the negative character which they see in a particular movies or cartoon, which out keeping in mind the actual fate of such characters. In worst case they even try to copy the exact terms and conditions of their favorite Character. The end result is that if the character which is adopted by them is negative, they have the strong capacity to turn up in to a culprit and if that character is positive and most case a guy with super powers, the kids fail to achieve the desired results.


While for parents the best form of entertainment is Dramas online; by that time they have enough sense to discriminate the brutality from the reality. They know that these are only meant for entertainment. They have a sense to adopt only positive skills and shun every bad ones. But in contrast, for kids since they lack such abilities at such an early age, its is possible for them to be misled.

In the last Section I entirely focus on the girls and the in section to follow I would dedicate it to the Boys: the way of getting smart.  How Car games would help them to achieve such state, Until then cheers


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