Sophia Grace

Bio: My Name is Sophia Grace. Basically my job is to oversee the sales and corporate marketing functions across the Globe and specifically Canada. One of my job targets includes the evolution of the company’s brand and its go-to-market strategies and offerings. Beside these I also have a sound knowledge of Children's Psychology, in particular I deal with the needs of Babies. I also handle issues regarding the importance of care-giving and companionship in social and cognitive development. Dora Games|Baby Games|Football Games|CarGames|Speed Test

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One thought on “About

  1. Dear Sophia Grace,

    Glinda thanks you for “Following” her blog and hopes you will enjoy her antics, rants, and all things Glinda. As she graces her way through the blogosphere with her sassy little sailor mouth, Glinda looks forward to pursuing her dream of Bitching About All Things Worth Bitching About™!

    Glindaliciously yours,
    <3Glinda<3 :{}

    P.S. Please be sure to visit and "Like" my Facebook page at GlindaTheGoodBitch! If you don't, Glinda might wave her magic wand and drop a house on you, too!… tee-hee-hee. [Glinda stomps off in her size 13 stilettos in a huff and exclaims, "Harrumph!"]

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