Ghost- Do they Really Exist?

I did not believe in ghosts until I met a person in a far away village, whom I though was of the similar point of view. The first time I met him, he was in a short, a pair of socks and a red colored scarf around his neck. He was a quite hospitable, which I learned while he was directing all the children which had gathered around him. He was forcing them to play with different Dora The Explorer Games, without realizing that the children had gathered for the same reason. None had any interest in him.

I was interested in him, and his popularity was much intensified in the city areas as compared to his own village.  Once in the village it took me two hours to reach the person known as some Ghost man.  Since my childhood I had been against this concept.

I used to convince others about the non-existence of any such items in the world. I had only undertaken the noble mission once, my friend informed me about a mysterious person living far in the forest.

The only reason, I failed to understand was the employment of different Dora Dress Up Games Online.


After the greetings, the special tea and biscuits, we had a long tiresome conversation. The sun was setting, and by the end of the day, I was convinced that the person was just an ordinary human being and someone had initiated a false propaganda against him.
Finally, I asked him if he had any kind of belief in the ghosts.

“Ghosts what are you talking about? There are no such things as ghosts.” He replied and disappeared.
It was, after days, in the hospital when I came to know that the ghost was a kidnapper.  Then I became to know the reason behind the arrangement of different online games. The question is, do ghosts play free online Football games?



2 thoughts on “Ghost- Do they Really Exist?

  1. Hi Sophia Grace! I love the post and theme! GORGEOUS! When I have a chance I plan on checking out your other blogs, too. Thanks for liking my comment today at “A Blog-to-Book Adventure: Mommy Man’s Jerry Mahoney.” For now, however, I couldn’t help but notice you may need to throw an “S” in the title word GHOSTS or was it intentional? At any rate, I loved the post . . . and thanks again!

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