And She was Happy

I have never seen her much happier before. The Baby Game Online for Girls have surely dispatched the magic.
How often I had heard my neighbors, discussing about the various advantages of different online games for the kids.  Few to mention if not all of them his Excellency had been screaming his heads off.  Yes, this may befall upon you as a shock, but in reality I was found leading such controversial debates, in spite of no knowledge regarding the subject at all.

For thousands of times my neighbors had denied my argument which usually was against the topic most of the times. I was rejected, humiliated and in some case even beaten up, whenever I had tried to put forward my opinion which targeted their point of view.
It was only a week earlier, when I realized that I was wrong and they were on the right path. The credit goes to my 3 years old baby, who suddenly burst into ever running a series of tears. She is my only daughter, the news stroked me with much power, then the lightning during a thunderstorm.

ImageI tried everything to calm her down, milk, toys, cocks and cats, even elephants but none of them worked. At last I was forced to subject my cute and the only baby to different Baby Dress up Games 2014 in spite of my unwillingness. This time it worked and for the first time I witnessed I voice of crying into the elegant tune of laughter.


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