Lucky By Chance


ImageSometimes my best friend seems to be lost in deep thoughts.  He never provides even the slightest idea of what he is thinking or up to.  Last year I remembered, I caught him red handed playing the very attractive  New football games online. This wasn’t a crime, but his behavior was, when I demanded an explanation for such an old person to be engaged in such childish activities.

ImageAt that time I only received a strong, vicious stare from my beloved friend. I later understood that why he was indulged in these activities.  Through a lot of pain seeking research, I apprehended that online games can be the man’s best teacher provided, they are worn with dedication and enlighten enthusiasm. Through these, it becomes a lot easier to learn different skills, and tactics in various fields of life. In this regard the different free online American football games proved very beneficial, and this I came to know a week Later.

.At the City Football Competition


 I had never seen him in such a great form. At home, he had to face only one person and that’s me in a grand foot ball tournament. You can easily guess about the ever green winner in such types of the quarrelers.  But at the better field, he was displaying the best of the best, and was heavy upon the entire squad. The football at his disposal was shivering as a sword in one’s hand. He didn’t rest before he had hit the goal.  At that time I realized the importance of the different online games. I had seen a looser winning a cup because of these games.


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