A Good Man Is Hard To Find.

I never saw my parents, only through my Uncle I became to know that they had left soon after I was born. A Terrible Car Accident!

Ever since I was brought up and looked after by my sweet uncle. My uncle had no one beside me and I was lucky enough to bag the full cream of Love. I have always found my uncle to be optimistic and with a sharp eye on the future. While children of my age used to engage in other online games, I was always directed and almost persuaded to engage with Fantasy Football Games. I never was able to understand this type of initiative unless I turned 21.



During the years of my upbringing, I tried to escape from theses online activities, sometimes not always, but every time I turned my attention to different typing exercises, I was met with utter confusion, boredom and tiredness. It was only a few years ago I realized that what I have been provided by my uncle where the best. Among thousands the funny pictures for facebook became my most favorite.


These online games where ranked me well in the eyes of my uncle also aroused within me the curiosity of beseeching the reason and my prayers were answered on the event when I topped the typing test competition for a million rupees job.




Now I know the reason behind the Free Online Baby Games and the reason for my Uncle to be a good Man.


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