Old Souls New Goals

Nowadays mostly folks of my age group often feel an inner incentive towards the numerous Car Driving Games. I wonder why? One reason which apprehends to my mind is the need of time. At this age their exist a thought that there can be nothing better than these young-age oriented activities.

Long gone are the days when I used to fly on the road same like a small cloud accosted by my brand new car BMW. I could still feel the gentle gusts of wind, touching past my cheeks and unlocking through my hair locks. Those were the times when I used to consider myself as enough. I used to think, as a person I can survive on my own and that I was not in the need of anyone.  Later, I realized how badly I was mistaken, however the high spirit which by some means had reside within me kept me alive all alone all the times till it was too late.

How important are the various Car Racing Games For Kids? I have started to accept the reality. No one can survive alone on this planet. And here I am, living all by myself. I wish I should have tried to slot in social gatherings with friends, family members and others etc. and have made the efforts to earn good relationship.  The figures of my age are keen to trespass the limits of 120. Today I am left with no one but the same child-age oriented games to embark my soul on the ever green sensation of life.


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